Choosing Products – Tour of the Shop

I have to admit that I have had so much fun choosing products for the shop in the last six months. As my friend Amy said, β€œLarge scale shopping, no guilt!” πŸ™‚ I have been on a mission while choosing these products – a mission to find unique things that I loved, and felt that you, my friends, would enjoy as well. In writing my business plan, I had to think a lot about not only what I wanted to have in the shop, but also what I did not... Read the Rest →


Naomi and Olive – Two Truly Southern Women

I am often asked what is the story behind the name of your store, Naomi & Olive? Who were these women? My shop is named for my two grandmothers, Naomi Jordan and Olive Fannin. Let me tell you a little bit about these two fascinating Southern women… Naomi Jordan was my paternal grandmother.Β Β  Naomi grew up in South Georgia, the oldest of a passel of kids. Her father was an itinerant pastor and, as such was his occupation, the family was dirt poor. My grandmother remembered never wearing shoes in... Read the Rest →